Spreading the Word

We’ve made it our mission to maximize the impact of organizations serving the Catholic Church around the world. As faithful Catholics, we will not stop until the efforts of organizations like yours have forever ended the painful decline of our Faith.

We call ourselves Messenger Eagles in the tradition of our patron saint, St. Juan Diego. Born Cuauhtlatoatzin, meaning talking eagle, St. Juan Diego received the Word when the Virgin Mary appeared to him. He spread the Word and millions were converted. Through our work with Catholic organizations we are continuing the mission of our patron saint.

Messenger Eagle Communications is a division of Renegade, an award-winning media company based in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Messenger Eagle Communications is comprised of a full-service and dedicated Catholic team with expertise across a multitude of media.

St. Juan Diego

In his native Nahuatl language, St. Juan Diego’s name meant “Messenger Eagle.” It was thus that he received Our Lady’s message, the very Word of God, and faithfully delivered it under her guidance unto the conversion of millions.

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St. Joseph the Worker

St. Joseph the Worker was husband, provider and protector of the Virgin Mary and Our Blessed Savior. Under his patronage, we aim to follow his example by sanctifying our work for the greater glory of God.